Sour Candy Summer

by Color Science / Staten

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a summer in technicolor gone awry.


released September 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Color Science New Jersey

If Blink-182, Hilary Duff, and Future went to an 80's themed go-go bar together.

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Track Name: Color Science - All My Words
Back of the car when I was all alone
And I was trying hard to get you on the phone
And when you answered me, I couldn't say any words
You wouldn't let me through for fear that I'd hurt you too
So I'll be wrong again (it might be easier to let me down)
And this way we don't have to pretend we're fine
There's no reason to yell and no need for you to cry

Uh oh
You need to let me go
She said as she walked out of the bedroom
Uh oh
There's some things you should know
I'll sit back so I can watch you bloom
Into a person I did not know could exist
I'll cave in and watch you move your body while you twist

All my words

Let the submarine crash into the marina now
The coastline is so far away, I think we oughta drown

And while there's nothing to prove
Got me confused
Telling me that I got an attitude
I'll still visit your university
Even though I don't know what you want from me

Watch me groove
Watch me fall
In love
With you

That's true.
Track Name: Color Science - Sunscreen
Did you forget your sunscreen?
Do you have to be so mean?
I didn't mean to put on such a show
And it's not like I wanted anybody else to know so

Would you even think of me
If I melted away underneath the sun?
Could I wake up and be somebody else?

I don't have any sunscreen
I wish you'd say what you mean
And I don't have any patience for this

For every night we spent down on your floor
We were waiting for each other to say who'd miss who more
I don't know where you've been
I don't know how long since
I've been trying to find
A way out of my mind

So I can wake up and be somebody else.
Track Name: Staten - 6202
walking from the crowd
detached from everything that made me stay.
His wings were dripping from the sky
disguising it as rain,
a disgusting retribution for the love
and all the fame he thought would come from all the praise.

No saint left, no demons,
no Sunday paper martyr,
crucified from black and white defilers.
Just some flowers in the cradle,
lullabies in choir
quiet at the table,
wine’s feeling lighter.

Tuesday afternoon,
wishing my body was next to you
emptier than Antilles,
blank canvas on this room.
Chance to find my happiness
a chance to start anew,
this change was way long overdue.
But I can’t call this a home yet,
it’s a fire or a silence
makes me feel so anxious
and I know they’re starting to notice,
I kiss this sun to forget
all the good I got and then left
but it burned my will for living
don’t want to live like this.
Track Name: Staten - Avery
Avery, there’s nothing I can call you now.
The words don’t reach; anchor and I’ll pull you down.
Hook the line, fixated on your broken eyes.
Avery, come and help me calm you down.

Avery, heaven help me calm the tides.
Swinging safely from orders that you won’t comply.
Break the fall, fixated on your sinking heart.
Avery, heaven help me

Out of my bedroom, I saw you.
Hidden under my curtain
you thought you could fool me.
You thought you could hide.
But the city had heard you
before you could cry.
But no one would listen
so we sang goodbye.